It’s a Trip!

Namaste! Many greetings, and thanks for stopping by the blog for Adventure Works’ game series called, Trip Harrison and the Cosmic Crusade. This blog will keep you updated on our Pilot episode with cool gameplay prototypes, concept art, design rants, and some background on characters from the series, like Trip.  We’ve even managed to snag some swanky Galactic Chronicle articles from the year 4038.  We don’t really know how to read and if we did we probably couldn’t decipher them, but we’ll post them anyways.

If you’re still here, we seriously have exciting stuff going on as we race to complete our Pilot episode, which will be ready for IGF 2012 first on the iPad.  Growing up I fell in love with the Space Quest series and over time realized that it had accomplished something that several creative mediums hope to achieve, but few actually do…Vast Narrative.  A feeling of nostalgia…perhaps a vested connection with characters, like Roger Wilco and his hilarious hero’s journey, is the type of experience we want to create and share with EVERYONE.  As it stands now, Adventure Works is a coalition of the willing, formed with space enthusiasts, former LucasArts patrons, and me, a guy who left a cushy job at Disney to tell a story.

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