GDC and a concept

Hey guys we are super excited to go to GDC for the first time as Adventure Works! We look forward to meeting other indie developers at the Indie Summit and beyond.

Hollye designed some sweet shirts and business cards for us, and I thought I would share them. The past couple days were spent storyboarding and prototyping the Pilot, scene by scene. We are strong believers in failing fast and iteration. We can already see some of the rough edges of our mechanics and narrative start to dissolve.

Today I decided to set aside some time to sketch characters until something felt right. The visual direction of the series hasn’t been decided yet so I kicked off the exploration with this character concept. Hang on a second…I just got off the phone with Dorthy and she is sending us another Galactic Chronicle article to celebrate GDC. What a character! I really have no idea what these things mean.

  • Hollye Chapman

    How was GDC?

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