February 26th, 4038
by Dorthy Dabbledots

The Three Men

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and it is no wonder why Ematica requires music of its students. Ancient humans, like us, used music to express that which has no words. I am shocked to discover the lack of music being played now. In dark times, music can reach the soul.

I remember the first ancient song I heard. I was a young graduate of Ematica, eager to succeed and to explore but full of doubt. I found myself, like most Ematica graduates, with the universe at my feet and unsure what the next step should be. My experiments had been going horribly wrong. I was not sure if inter-dimensional reflections of sub-prime matter was my true calling. Heading out to the unknown universe to discover the source of sub-prime matter seemed daunting. I doubted my abilities, yet the budding new field of archaeophysics strengthened my courage as an explorer. I needed to rethink how I  approached my experiments, to reorganize my thoughts and to relax so I headed to the Galactic Music Consortium.

Filled with the energy of Ematica student musicians practicing and or listening to the ancient archives, the Galactic Music Consortium always put my heart and mind at ease. I sat quietly, contemplating. When suddenly I noticed a new pattern of music from the corner of my eye. It was an odd mix of instruments I had never heard or seen before. The song took me out of the actual, whispering to me what seemed like a secret, and made me wonder who am I and for what, whence, and whereto and who was Al? The song was a parable of three men.

The first man believed he lived life as he should but fate had been cruel to him. He wanted his opportunity for greatness handed to him on a silver platter. He wondered how he would escape from the trapped life he lived. The second man wanders around with a short attention span and no true focus. Fearful of what to do and what his path should be, there are incidents and accidents. The third man gives up everything to pursue what he loves. He has no money and no knowledge of the culture but he understands the virtue in the simplicity of truly living. He can stop and look at his world with a new vision of freedom spinning in infinity. The third man could see angels in the very fabric of everyday life. Out of pure joy and relief, he shouts, “Hey, Hallelujah!”

After sitting on the bench and listening to the ancient parable of the three men, every fear I had about not succeeding floated away. I would follow my heart to ends of the universe to be an archaeophysist.

I don’t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard. Do you?

We maybe thousands of years more advanced than those who wrote the parable of the three men but music is still a magic beyond everything we know today.

As always and until next time, remember to “stay hungry, stay foolish.”

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