Eldrick’s Adventure: Escape the Lazax concept

I had such a blast at the CTN Animation convention in Burbank last week. My favorite moment was when Richard Sherman made an unexpected appearance and dazzled us with magical song after magical song. Overall, the feeling at the convention was fresh and alive with inspiring and talented people. During the convention, I also spent a great deal of time on narrative and game design for the next episode in the Cosmic Crusade series, Eldrick’s Adventure: Escape the Lazax.

Sam Bridgeman has been doing some INCREDIBLE visual development for the world and style of the game and I was feeling quite inspired yesterday and roughed out a concept for one particular encounter. This experience is something that we are super excited to bring to life and we will be sharing much more over the coming weeks about this and another episode called, The Traveler.

This is a concept for Eldrick's Adventure

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