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Saturday, January 21st, 2012

We finished our jam and you can play it on Wooglie:
Huck Finn’s River Run

Our Adventure Jam Game.

12/25/12 Some music for your hearers! Oh Elspeth Eastman rocks the socks off of game jams.

12/23/12 We are now feature complete and are setting in to add animations and polish. Music to come!

Huck Finn’s River Run titles screen!

8:19 pm 12/21 starting to prototype

The spirit is here and then again so is our jam. Adventure Jam is all about making a game in 48 hours. It came down to two ideas.

11:17 pm 1/20/12

A platform(er) where none other than Tom Sawyer has to escape the clutches of Injun Joe with his mistress Becky.

A frogger style game where Huck Finn must cart patrons across the river via a magical space squid, Marvin.

So far it’s looking like that space squid is going to be the game that we’z a gonna be makin.

Lazax Character Design

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Check out some Lazax character design for the Cosmic Crusade!

Cosmic Crusade Series Intro

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

We’re working on an intro to the Cosmic Crusade series and here is a piece of concept art for what it may look like!

Out there is everything. The unimaginable orbits the mundane. The unexplored conceals the familiar. Out there are friends and enemies, light and darkness, truth and mystery. Whatever planet you hail from, whichever star is your home, navigating the universe to unshroud its secrets is an intergalactic undertaking, a pandimensional pursuit, a Cosmic Crusade.