Gdc 2012

Gdc this year felt much much different than last year. Especially the indie games summit. More or less this year it became super obvious to me that the definition of independent is changing. Millionaires and those seeking its status was really the theme of most of the talks. Really just too much “how to make it” and really not too much about games and design. It sort of reminded me of working at Disney again where we the employees listen to people who run the company talk about what the company is doing. Not too much agnologment about some of the lesser known indies I met that just care about games. Also I felt last year that indie was something really really cool was how the focus seemed to be on making games that everyone can play. Games that are fun. This year I heard stuff like, “it’s okay to make games that people like sometimes.”

Really reminds me of what indie means in films and that is just sad. I asked the lead designer at halfbrick if he considers halfbrick a indie studio and he seemed a little reluctant and almost cringed at that idea. He politely said, “we’re independent but we aren’t indie.”

This is a difficult topic because I love popular entertainment. I genuinely love Disneyland and a lot of other Disney products! Adventure Works is really about making meaningful popular/fun/entertaining interactives.

Suffice it to say that we just care about making cool/fun stuff. We don’t go to gdc to learn how to “make it.” We go because we believe games are fun and can deliver transformative experiences; that they can inspire and possibly do some good.

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