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Saturday, January 21st, 2012

We finished our jam and you can play it on Wooglie:
Huck Finn’s River Run

Our Adventure Jam Game.

12/25/12 Some music for your hearers! Oh Elspeth Eastman rocks the socks off of game jams.

12/23/12 We are now feature complete and are setting in to add animations and polish. Music to come!

Huck Finn’s River Run titles screen!

8:19 pm 12/21 starting to prototype

The spirit is here and then again so is our jam. Adventure Jam is all about making a game in 48 hours. It came down to two ideas.

11:17 pm 1/20/12

A platform(er) where none other than Tom Sawyer has to escape the clutches of Injun Joe with his mistress Becky.

A frogger style game where Huck Finn must cart patrons across the river via a magical space squid, Marvin.

So far it’s looking like that space squid is going to be the game that we’z a gonna be makin.